Monday, October 29, 2018

Boo Witch for Halloween

And now it is almost time for that magical day when kids (and adults who still think like kids) are transformed into all KINDS of costumed characters, celebrities, animals, creatures and clever concepts.

I hope your Halloween is a safe and happy one -- filled with lots of treats, decent trick n treat weather ....and one in which memories are made to last a lifetime.  

In my final Halloween card for the season, I thought I would incorporate some easy, fun techniques that give added texture and the illusion of movement. 

Here's what you will need:

Impression Obsession Rubber Stamps 

D7981 Little Witch
H7759 Spooky Trees

Colorbox®️ Archival Dye ink pad: Wicked Black
Top Boss®️ Embossing Stamp pad
Colorbox®️ Embossing Powder (Gold)

Beacon Adhesives
Zip Dry®️ Paper Glue
Premium Tacky Glue

Heat Tool
Frame Die of your choice
Wood or chipboard letters painted black

Here's how to make it:

1. Cut out a frame from black cardstock and an oval from orange cardstock.

2. Stamp Little Witch on orange oval.  Before lifting stamp, carefully rotate it to the left and then to the right. Lift and remove stamp.

3. Stamp top portions of the Spooky Trees on the letters using the Embossing stamp pad.  Heat emboss with gold powder.  

4. Attach all layers as shown using Zip Dry Paper Glue.  Attach the letters with Premium Tacky Glue; dry.

If you enjoyed all these fun Halloween projects this month, please leave me a comment!  And if you have any special technique or project requests, just let me know!

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Witch Pumpkin?

How could it ever be fall without....pumpkins?!  Not only are these plump orange veggies an important ingredient for pies and other harvest recipes, pumpkins are just such an important symbol in the whole Halloween experience.  In fact, I'm not sure which experience is my favorite. 

And...which one is your favorite? Is it the quest to pick out the perfect pumpkin, the act of pumpkin carving, or the actual night of trick n treating (shoulder to shoulder with little ghosts, goblins and princesses)...and being "wowed" by all the cool jack o lanterns everywhere?!  It is SO hard to choose so I guess I just have to pick them all!  LOL!

So I decided to combine one of the brand new stamp images I drew for Impression Obsession with one of my fun Cover-A-Card background stamps to create a card that captures everything.  Memories of pumpkins in the farm fields, carving those funny faces and then seeing all those porches and glowing windows filled with happy face pumpkins. 

Can you smell that faint whiff of autumn in the air.....and pies baking? Mmmmmm....

Here's what you need:

Impression Obsession Rubber Stamps 

E7978 Happy Pumpkins
CC263 Spider in Web

Colorbox®️ Archival Dye ink pad: Wicked Black

Academy Watercolor Pencils and Water Soluble Markers

Beacon Adhesives

Zip Dry®️ Paper Glue

Corner punch of your choice

Here's what to do:

1. Stamp Happy Pumpkins on light orange card stock. Color with pencils and markers, using a waterbrush or paintbrush to blend colors and add a shadow under the pumpkins. 

2. Stamp Spider in Web on purple notecard.

3. Punch corners of orange layer.  Attach all layers to notecard with Zip Dry Paper Glue. 

Creative Option:  No need to stop here with a notecard!  You can also create this basic design and use to decorate home decor items such as a box, wood plaque, framed print or trick n treat bag! 

Friday, October 19, 2018

Boo to you! Halloween is coming.....

As we slide further from sweet summertime, there is a definite chill in the air here in the Midwest. I can't help but think about how much this time of year always triggers memories of my children's Halloween fun, as well as that of my own childhood.  

Anticipation of that magical day (and sometimes entire weekend) is still contagious.  In fact, like many parents in our friendly neighborhood, I usually also get into the spirit of fun by wearing wigs or funny hats, along with orange and black clothing to greet all the trick-n-treaters that appear at my door.  On those Halloween days when the weather is drop dead gorgeous, I'll also spend hours outside greeting everyone...and just enjoying all that fun going on around me!  

But now is the time to get ready.  It's time to get that pumpkin, decorate the house....and create some cards for neighbors and friends.

For this project, I have used two of my new stamp images from Impression Obsession to create a card that will appeal to all ages--including all those "special" little pumpkins! 

Here is what you will need:

D7891 Little Witch
C7979 Scary Pumpkin 1
C7980 Scary Pumpkin 2

Colorbox®️ Premium Dye ink pads: Banana, Tangerine, Licorice
Colorbox®️Mix’d Media Inx ink pad: Jasmine
Art Dauber

Beacon Adhesives
Zip Dry®️ Paper Glue

Swirls Embossing folder

Here's what to do:

1. Apply both Banana and Tangerine ink to each of the pumpkins. Stamp along the bottom edge of a white cardstock scrap; dry.  
2. Stamp the witch in Licorice, overlapping slightly over the pumpkin(s). Cut angled corners.  3. Dab Licorice around all the edges of both the stamped layer and a purple notecard; dry.
4. Pressure emboss a black cardstock scrap. Lightly dab Jasmine pigment ink over the raised sections; dry. 
5. Attach all the layers to the card using Zip Dry®️ Paper Glue.

I just LOVE it when I can use up scraps from my stash!

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Basic Stamping Techniques for Beginning Stampers

Cats on the Edge is a very simple card, drawing on very basic stamping techniques.  This is the kind of card that is PERFECT for a beginner stamper to do!  And, since there is no coloring involved, it is also a super quick card to make. The same Art Dauber technique used in my previous blog post is also used here to create a cheerful background.  

Both the E7983 Black Cats and E7840 Web Border are from my stamp line with Impression Obsession Rubber Stamps.  Clearsnap's Colorbox®️ Premium Dye ink pads (Tangerine, Grape, Licorice) are used, along with Beacon Adhesives Zip Dry®️ Paper Glue.

Simply stamp the Web Border on a white cardstock scrap in Grape; stamp the Black Cats over the border using Licorice. Punch rounded corners. Dab Tangerine around edges with an Art Dauber.  Cut an orange cardstock layer and dab Licorice around the edges.  Use Art Daubers to create the random colorful dots on the notecard.  Attach all the layers with Beacon Adhesives Zip Dry®️ Paper Glue.

Additional embellishments can be added as desired.  I just added a strip of coordinating ribbon but you could also add a small spider, stars or a phrase.  Just use your imagination!

Comments always welcome!

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Oh no! Is Autumn Already in the Air?!

Summer is barely out the door but autumn is already in the air!  I already see trees turning color here in Chicagoland....and we are all feeling the chill in the air enough to turn our furnaces on now at night and add that extra blanket.

So....what's a girl to do but give in to the season ahead and start stamping some HALLOWEEN cards!  Somehow, that seems to make the chill of the season a lot less spooky.....

I thought I would start with one of my latest stamps from Impression Obsession Rubber Stamps....

D7982 MUMMY!

(I never could draw it's a CUTE mummy!)

I used TWO fun techniques in this card.  

First I stamped the Mummy on a white cardstock scrap with Licorice Colorbox®️ Premium Dye ink pad.  Then, instead of lifting the stamp up, I rotated it so I got additional impressions that gave it a look of movement.  How fun is this look!

Next, I grabbed some Art Daubers and had some play time on the notecard!  I created a random pattern using Colorbox®️ Premium Dye ink pads (Banana, Tangerine, Grape).  Then attach the layers with Beacon Adhesives

Zip Dry®️ Paper Glue.

Please let  me know how you like these techniques and project by leaving me a comment….


Thursday, October 4, 2018

Ice Cream is for EVERY Season!

Just because summer is leaving us behind, that doesn't mean we can't still enjoy an ice cream treat or two over the next few weeks.  Of course, if you are like me, the fewer calories and sugar, the better! What better way to accomplish that goal than by STAMPING and coloring in ice cream treats cards.  

Just Chillin' with Treats: 
Stamp F7936 Sweet Treat Border on watercolor or bamboo cardstock scrap using a Wicked Black Colorbox®️ Archival Dye ink pad. Color the image with markers; blend colors with wet paintbrush. Stamp C7956 Just Chillin' on white cardstock scrap using Colorbox®️ Archival Dye ink pads (Pinkolicious, Frosted Plum, Glacier Lake). Attach layers as desired to pink notecard.

Both  of these cards are quick and easy to stamp.  The images I used are some of my latest stamp line releases with Impression Obsession Rubber Stamps. Ink is from Clearsnap. Images are colored with Derwent Academy Water-Soluble Markers.  Layers attached to the cards with Beacon Zip Dry®️ Paper Glue. 

Kindness Cone:
Stamp C7954 Kindness Calories on a pink cardstock scrap using a Wicked Black Colorbox®️ Archival Dye ink pad. Stamp E7961 Ice Cream Cone on white cardstock scrap; color image with markers, blending colors with wet paintbrush. Crumple a manilla tag; flatten out.  Using Direct-to-Paper technique, press Colorbox®️ Archival Dye ink pads (Squash, Coral, Saddle, Mudslide) onto tag; dry. Attach layers to brown notecard with Zip Dry®️ Paper Glue.

Now...wasn't that refreshing?  I would LOVE to hear from you!  Let me know how you liked these projects by leaving a comment!

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Mastering the Art of the Silhouette Stamp

Mastering the Art of the Silhouette Stamp

I LOVE the ease and simplicity of combining colorful backgrounds with silhouette stamps! There are SO many cool, inky techniques that can be used to create backgrounds.  And those backgrounds can really "pop" with a simple solid silhouette image (or images) stamped over them.

And then the mad stamping scientist in me wondered: "What would happen if the silhouette stamp image was also approached as we do the background?  What if I turn that solid silhouette into a colorful image with defined sections using both color and dimension?"

And just like that....a fun inky embossing technique was born!

As you can see, the stamp I used was a nicely detailed solid silhouette which makes a great statement when stamped in black ink over a multitude of backgrounds.  (This stamp is from an image I drew for Impression Obsession Rubber Stamps.)  However, adding color to the actual image, along with heat embossed dimension changes not only the entire look, but also the process.  Instead of overstamping the silhouette image onto a colorful background that has already been created, the background is actually created last with this technique.  

Here is how....

Lion Stroll Card


     J7950 Lions
     CC234 Bark

    Colorbox®️ Petal Point Classic Pigment Inkpad (Arboretum, Envy)
    Colorbox®️ Embossing Powder (Clear)
    Top Boss®️ Embossing Stamp pad
    Colorbox®️ Premium Dye ink pads: Banana, Tangerine, Guava, Grape, Blueberry
    Colorbox®️ Archival Dye ink pads: Mudslide, Seattle Sky
    Art Daubers

Beacon Adhesives:
    Zip Dry®️ Paper Glue

    Premium Tacky Glue

Heat tool
White, tan, black and decorative cardstock.
Yarn or ribbon trim


  1. Place Lion stamp rubber side up. Remove desired color sections from the Petal Point inkpads. Using the tip of each section, apply ink directly to the Lions stamp, blending as desired.
  2. Stamp the lions onto 4" x 6" white cardstock. Pour clear embossing powder over the image; tap off excess.  Heat until melted. 
  3. Beginning in the center with Banana, use Art Daubers to apply Premium Dye ink. Use the remaining colors in the order in which they are listed to create a sunrise sky. Since the lions were heat embossed, that clear embossed layer acts as a resist mask so the dye ink only sticks to the area around the lion image.  
  4. Apply Seattle Sky and Mudslide on the Bark stamp; stamp image onto a 5" x 7" tan notecard. 
  5. Trim remaining cardstock; attach all the layers to card using Zip Dry®️ Paper Glue.

And then there was the surprise "Bonus" card.  

Since pigment ink remained on the Lion stamp after the initial stamping step, I wanted to first "stamp off" the ink before using my ink cleaner pad. Then I decided to experiment.  Instead of just using scrap paper, I decided to "stamp off" the image onto a piece of coated white cardstock.  While the resulting image is not the densely colored, crisp image we saw in the first card, the "stamp off" image had instead a softer, more ethereal look with an interesting painterly quality.  I then paired this stamped image with a soft background cardstock and wheat yarn trim (attached around the image using Premium Tacky Glue).  I love surprise inky techniques and am SO very pleased with this second "bonus" card!   

What do you think about these two fun looks using Silhouette stamps???!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Explore the Kaleidoscope Embossing Technique!

Explore the Kaleidoscope Embossing Technique! 

This easy inky technique will help you create realistic images that resemble a dimensional painting!

Same technique for both cards but the card below also includes the textured Baked Texture Embossing Powders...and different Impression Obsession stamps for a slightly different background.

Cats in a Row Cards


Impression Obsession Rubber Stamps 
E7983 Black Cats 
3160-LG Twinchies 4
G7762 Leafy Branches

Colorbox®️ Petal Point Classic Pigment Inkpad (Arboretum, Metallic)
Colorbox®️ Embossing Powder (Clear)
Top Boss®️ Embossing Stamp pad
Colorbox®️ Archival Dye ink pads: Mudslide, Saddle, Seattle Sky, Putty, Wicked Black
Art Daubers

Beacon Adhesives
Zip Dry®️ Paper Glue

Emerald Creek

Baked Texture Embossing Powders by The Altered Page (Dirty Sand, Ancient Amber, Rocky Road, Chunky Rust)

Heat tool
White, tan and brown cardstock


Version 1
  1. Remove desired color sections from the Petal Point ink pads. Using the tip of each section, apply ink directly to the Black Cats stamp, blending as desired. 
  2. Stamp image onto 3” x 6 1/4” white cardstock. Pour clear embossing powder over image, tap off excess. Heat until melted.
  3. Apply Putty around edges direct-to-paper (DTP) by angling inkpad and pressing repeatedly off the edge in a random pattern. 
  4. Using an Art Dauber, apply Saddle around the edges of the card. Place the short card edge onto the Mudslide inkpad. Angle slightly and quickly pull the card edge across the inkpad. Repeat for all 4 edges.  
  5. Trim, score and fold tan cardstock to create a 4 1/4” x 7 1/2” notecard. Stamp Leafy Branches in a random pattern around the front of the card.
  6. Using Zip Dry Paper Glue, attach layers.

Version 2 (with Baked Texture Embossing Powders added)
  1. Remove desired color sections from the Petal Point ink pads. Using the tip of each section, apply ink directly to the Black Cats stamp, blending as desired. 
  2. Stamp image onto 3” x 6” white cardstock. Carefully pour on the Baked Powder colors and textures in sections of your choice.  Carefully tap off excess powder. (Note: Less is more!) Pour clear embossing powder over remaining sections of the image, tap off excess. Heat until melted.
  3. Using an Art Dauber, apply Putty and Seattle Sky across the bottom edge of the card, as shown. Add Putty and Seattle Sky lightly around the edges, as well. 
  4. Place the short card edge onto the Saddle inkpad. Angle slightly and quickly pull the card edge across the inkpad. Repeat for all 4 edges.  Repeat this step to apply Mudslide around the edges.  
  5. Apply Saddle to 4” x 7” tan cardstock direct-to-paper (DTP) by wiping inkpad across. Add Mudslide and Wicked Black to edges using the DTP method in step #4
  6. Trim, score and fold brown cardstock to create a 4 1/4” x 7 1/2” notecard. Using Wicked Black, stamp Twinchies 4 butterfly images in a random pattern around the front of the card.
  7. Attach layers to notecard with Zip Dry Paper Glue.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Floral Etched Glass Vase

Floral Etched Glass Vase

A simple dollar store glass vase can turn into a stunning collector’s piece in just a few minutes with etchall Etching Creme!

You will need:

etchall Etching Creme and squeegee
Large plastic container of water
Clean dry paper towels
1 large squared glass vase with flat sides
Contact paper 
Diecut machine and floral die of your choice (I used Sizzix Big Shot and Vine die)

Optional: Faber Castell Gelatos in colors of your choice and makeup sponge applicator

Here’s how:

1. Prepare your work surface. (Note: I used a combination of protective surfaces to do my project so I could photograph each step.)  Wash and dry your glass vase.   

2. Cut the vine (or other floral shape) from Contact paper.  (Note: I added a layer of cellophane to the back of the Contact paper to add stability/thicknesss and prevent sticky residue from adhering to my die cut machine.) You can do this by using a die and die cut machine OR cutting a shape by hand.

  You will have both a positive vine shape AND the negative vine piece.  For this project, you will use the negative vine.  (Note: Save the positive vine shape to use for another project!) 

3. Place the negative vine on the vase, positioned as desired.  

    Burnish securely to the glass with the squeegee.

4. Apply a generous amount of the etchall Etching Creme over the exposed areas of the slide.  Set aside for 15 minutes for the etchall Etching Creme to do its magic!

5. After 15 minutes, use the squeegee to remove the etchall Etching Creme and return the creme into the container.  Yes…the etchall Etching Creme can be used over and over and over again!  Amazing, isn’t it?!  

6. Carefully remove the negative vine and wash the glass thoroughly in a large plastic container of water.  Dry well. 

7. If you want a simple vase, you can stop here. 

8. If you want a second vine on the opposite side of the base, repeat steps 1 through 6 on the opposite side.

  Add a parrot to the display and…voile!  Instant rainforest decor! (Just kidding!)

Note:  Many of you who follow my blog are already acquainted with Ollie, my crafty companion.  One of the wonderful things about etchall Etching Creme is there are NO toxic fumes and it cleans up so easily!  Ollie watched the entire project taking place and voiced his approval many times during the process.  He is trained to “not touch” and was returned to his cage during any step that might have had potential risk to his safety and impulse control.  He was so excited to be part of the photo shoot he stepped right off my hand and on top of the vase to pose for the camera!

9. Creative Options: Take this gorgeous etched design one step further by adding color onto the etched areas.  

    Apply Gelatos of your choice by rubbing them onto the etched vine sections on the vase.  

    Allow to dry for about an hour and gently wipe off excess color.  

Disclaimer: Since the etchall Etching Creme etches porcelain, as well as glass, please do not use the creme or rinse the project in a porcelain or fiberglass sink or surface.  The best surfaces to use when doing these projects are plastic or stainless steel.