Friday, September 5, 2008

Summer's almost over...crafting season is just beginning!

It's hard to believe that Labor Day has come and gone. While there is a little more "nip" in the evening and morning air, the sun is still toasty and summer-like during the day. This time of year is my favorite for evening walks. No mosquitos to chase us inside the moment the sun begins to dip...and just cool enough for a light jacket. Black dogs do not tolerate the hot sun very well if the air temps are also warm so they're also eager for a respite, as well.

And with the beginning of this new season of back-to-school and great walking weather, also comes new possiblities. It's time to get back to doing creative projects for the approaching holiday seasons! I have always loved teaching creative classes--drawing, rubber stamping, and more. Most people are familiar seeing me teaching and demonstrating at the CHA trade shows but I also love teaching & working with adults and children of all ages and skill levels. Beginning this month, I will be teaching private drawing workshops and classes, as well as after school creative programs. Private drawing lessons will be taught at my home studio and group classes will be taught at various locations. Please check back for more information or contact me directly for class schedules and places.

But first....I need to work on some more illustrations! Don't forget to check out the latest Sweet PETatoes gift bags at Petsmart!