Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Back from CHA...WHAT A SHOW!

This year's CHA summer show was much smaller than in previous years but definitely did not lack for enthusiasm and creative energy! I heard repeatedly from attendees that they actually liked the smaller scale because it gave them the opportunity to visit each and every exhibitor's booth and try products they had never had time to explore in previous shows. Many felt less rushed and frantic and more able to actually relax and learn about these products so they can carry them in their stores.

I was at the Tombow booth for the entire 3 days of the trade show, demoing and teaching marker blending techniques to the steady stream of attendees working on projects or waiting in line and eager to learn about the Tombow markers and blending pen. We were totally mobbed almost the entire show and the days just flew by! EVERYBODY just loved doing the make-n-take projects and I had such a blast meeting all the people who went from never having tried Tombow markers and blender (or marker blending with any markers) to marker blending experts in the matter of minutes! It was hilarious when at least one person in each and every group would then turn to everyone else and tell them how much fun this was.

More thoughts later....