Thursday, August 9, 2018

Floral Etched Glass Vase

Floral Etched Glass Vase

A simple dollar store glass vase can turn into a stunning collector’s piece in just a few minutes with etchall Etching Creme!

You will need:

etchall Etching Creme and squeegee
Large plastic container of water
Clean dry paper towels
1 large squared glass vase with flat sides
Contact paper 
Diecut machine and floral die of your choice (I used Sizzix Big Shot and Vine die)

Optional: Faber Castell Gelatos in colors of your choice and makeup sponge applicator

Here’s how:

1. Prepare your work surface. (Note: I used a combination of protective surfaces to do my project so I could photograph each step.)  Wash and dry your glass vase.   

2. Cut the vine (or other floral shape) from Contact paper.  (Note: I added a layer of cellophane to the back of the Contact paper to add stability/thicknesss and prevent sticky residue from adhering to my die cut machine.) You can do this by using a die and die cut machine OR cutting a shape by hand.

  You will have both a positive vine shape AND the negative vine piece.  For this project, you will use the negative vine.  (Note: Save the positive vine shape to use for another project!) 

3. Place the negative vine on the vase, positioned as desired.  

    Burnish securely to the glass with the squeegee.

4. Apply a generous amount of the etchall Etching Creme over the exposed areas of the slide.  Set aside for 15 minutes for the etchall Etching Creme to do its magic!

5. After 15 minutes, use the squeegee to remove the etchall Etching Creme and return the creme into the container.  Yes…the etchall Etching Creme can be used over and over and over again!  Amazing, isn’t it?!  

6. Carefully remove the negative vine and wash the glass thoroughly in a large plastic container of water.  Dry well. 

7. If you want a simple vase, you can stop here. 

8. If you want a second vine on the opposite side of the base, repeat steps 1 through 6 on the opposite side.

  Add a parrot to the display and…voile!  Instant rainforest decor! (Just kidding!)

Note:  Many of you who follow my blog are already acquainted with Ollie, my crafty companion.  One of the wonderful things about etchall Etching Creme is there are NO toxic fumes and it cleans up so easily!  Ollie watched the entire project taking place and voiced his approval many times during the process.  He is trained to “not touch” and was returned to his cage during any step that might have had potential risk to his safety and impulse control.  He was so excited to be part of the photo shoot he stepped right off my hand and on top of the vase to pose for the camera!

9. Creative Options: Take this gorgeous etched design one step further by adding color onto the etched areas.  

    Apply Gelatos of your choice by rubbing them onto the etched vine sections on the vase.  

    Allow to dry for about an hour and gently wipe off excess color.  

Disclaimer: Since the etchall Etching Creme etches porcelain, as well as glass, please do not use the creme or rinse the project in a porcelain or fiberglass sink or surface.  The best surfaces to use when doing these projects are plastic or stainless steel.