Thursday, July 16, 2015

Computer Nightmare

When I saw the date of my last post I almost fainted.  OMG...6 weeks ago?! Are you kidding???

Ok, it is summer so it is logical I would have been on vacation....or outside basking in the sun and garden....maybe enjoying the gorgeous Chicago summertime.

Unfortunately, that wasn't exactly the case.

Beside the fact Chicagoland seems to be stuck in springtime with nonstop rain and relatively cool temps more resembling northern Wisconsin or Michigan, I've actually spent the past 6 weeks in computer purgatory., internet, wifi, power failures and a remodel that took 8 weeks instead of the original 1 week promised.

Unfortunately, I'm still not done with the computer issues.  My PC is failing.  I'm going to go Mac...not just because of all the nonsense I've had to endure with never ending and often incomplete updates or the terrible runaround HP gave me so they wouldn't have to honor the warranty....but because this is finally the logical junction in time where I can make the leap.  All the peripherals need to be updated anyway....I will have to go Adobe CC....and all my other software will soon become obsolete, as well as connectors, plugs, cables and other items that kept me chained to PC when my last PC failed almost 4 years ago.

So....bear with me, as we try to get my PC to remain stable long enough to get data transferred to a new iMac....and I try to learn a new platform and all new programs/versions without my poor head exploding!

Next week is Paper Arts Show in Schaumburg....I'll try to report on what I saw.  Dependent, of course, on my PC.