Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Be Crabby Card

Who says Mixed Media has to be filled with lots of bits and pieces covering everything?  Just like most people with a fondness for IKEA's modern, clean lines,  I tend to be a bit of a Mixed Media crafting minimalist.  I love the simplicity and balance of threes...and the use of just a few items to create a powerful statement. I also LOVE finding creative uses for repurposing items most people just toss into the trash.

Here is a really cool card I made using a moveable crab die cut from Eye Connect Crafts! This card was recently published in Just Mixed Media 2017 (Scott Publications).  Note how I used a scrap of netting from a grocery store pack of oranges to add color and dimension to this fun scene!

The crab die cut comes already pre-cut and ready to decorate and assemble.  I used a simple 'direct-to-paper" (DTP) inky approach with Art Daubers and Clearsnap Colorbox® Classic Pigment ink to initially coat the pieces.  After drying with a heat tool, I applied Colorbox Archival Dye ink DTP using the ink pad as a stamp and positioning the pad so the corner created a triangular imprint on the body and the claws.TheArt Dauber was used again to add a bit of shading to the legs and around the body. After the ink was dry, the body was assembled by inserting mini colored brads through the pre-punched holes.  After dabbing Wicked Black around the card edges, a piece of netting was carefully arranged along the bottom and side and glued on to the card with 3-in-1 Advanced Craft Glue (Beacon Adhesives). The crab was positioned in place and glued over the netting and onto the card, as well.

And there you have it!  An adorable card that will make even the crabbiest person smile!

As always, please leave a comment!  I'd LOVE to know if you enjoyed this project!