Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cover Girl on Just Mixed Media - Volume 2, 2017

And more exciting news on the publishing front....
I'm a cover girl again!  Yep, one of my Mixed Media projects is featured on the new issue of Just Mixed Media (Volume 2, 2017)!

You can see my Butterfly card project under the "Paper Arts" heading.  But, here is a closeup.....

I used a variety of inky techniques on both the Strathmore Greener Options Bamboo note card (www.strathmorearatist.com) and on the moveable die cut chipboard butterfly from Eye Connect Crafts ( www.eyeconnectcrafts.com )

Basically the butterfly is primed first, then sponged, stenciled and grunged using Direct-to-Paper (DTP) and lots of yummy Archival Dye inkpads from Clearsnap!  Assemble the butterfly with wire, brads or other attachment findings of your choice. Then grunge some torn text strips and glue onto the wings using Beacon's Zip Dry Paper Glue.  Cut ribbon strips and attach with Beacon's Fabri-tac.Permanent Adhesive  . Attach small beads to the antennae, if desired.

Create a faux watercolor effect on the card using Clearsnap Colorbox Sprays and then lightly spritzing or splattering on glass cleaner for the waterspot effect.   Attach the butterfly body section to the card with Beacon's Gem-Tac Adhesive....and there you have it!  A GORGEOUS Mixed Media Butterfly card!

If you leave a comment asking for more information on specific inky techniques, I can post more detailed instructions in upcoming posts!

Just Mixed Media is an awesome magazine published by Scott Publications.  Scattered throughout the pages are a wide variety of mixed media projects--from cards and ATC's to textiles, wood, metal and  other sculpted pieces.  The magazine is on newstands everywhere or can be ordered directly from the publisher's website: www.scottpublications.com

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Life of an Artist

I was recently conversing with a fellow artistic soul on FB. She shared some color practice work in process for a series she was going to paint depicting her beautiful mesa and the surrounding mountains in her area.  After expressing she felt she could "swim" in the colors surrounding her, she stated she was mostly surprised she was being drawn to painting landscapes after many years of doing portrait work.  I responded that it was because she is surrounded with such beauty...and nature's spirit.  Her response "It's my heart beat showing up on canvas" took my breathe away...and got me thinking about what makes art...art.    And why most artists consistently feel that no one actually "gets them"--except other artists.

Maybe that is why people who don't create art and consider themselves "non-artistic" are always iso amazed with art and in awe of those of us who create it.  They don't understand us OR the creative process.  They simple cannot understand how artists are able to paint little pieces of our hearts and souls in everything we create.  And yet, we are basically oblivious that we are even doing that in our art and incapable of actually breaking down our individual creative process to evaluate HOW we do that. We just....do it.

Butterfly image by Gail Green for Impression Obsession Rubber Stamps; background created using Colorburst (Ken Oliver Crafts); butterfly colored in using marker blending with a shimmering top layer of Wink of Stella (Kuretake)

This instinctive, innate ability to tap into our souls and pull out pieces may also be why artists are so instinctively entwined with each other.  We understand each of those heartbeats and understand each other.  Our tribe.  And while it often takes years for people to get to know each other, artists can often accomplish within just a few minutes by simply watching another artist's process and/or seeing what another artist creates.  We intuitively understand what is behind the art and instinctively feel the process at a much different level than the average viewer.  Our sensitivity may be high to begin with but we all have left so many clues in our art.  It's just that most other non-artistic people either don't see the clues, lack the ability to understand what is usually obvious to artists and/or have no idea how to accurately interpret them.

What are your experiences as an artist?  Do you even realize how much you reveal of your own heartbeats in your art?

Saturday, February 18, 2017

CHA Creativation Show Spotlight on Joanne Fink

I don't know where time has flown but I do know it has been a busy few weeks of follow up plus deadlines...and I'm still not finished.  When deadlines take over, I focus solely on what I need to do to meet those deadlines--whether drawing/painting new art collections, prepping artwork into product presentations or creating projects for publication and writing instructions. Throw in some time with family, animals and the grandbaby.....and poof!  It's already been longer than promised but here is my next post about my experiences at the CHA Creativation Show.

As mentioned before, one of the highlights each year is reconnecting with friends in the industry. One of my favorite things to do at the show is to help celebrate their successes.

I LOVE my friend Joanne Fink!  In the years we have known each other, we have both gone through many professional collaborations, changes and successes--as well as personal challenges.

Joanne's lovely smile radiates her beautiful inner spirit....

 Joanne is the art and heart behind the Zenspirations brand and her fan base is worldwide.  Not only am I so happy for Joanne's success, it was a joy to take photos at the Fox Chapel Publishing booth as she began her book signing event for her new co-authored book on bible journaling "Complete Guide to Bible Journaling".  The book is FILLED with her signature art, tons of great samples and pages of elements the reader can use to create personalized pages.

And I am thrilled to have my very own signed book!

Monday, February 6, 2017

And live from Phoenix at the Craft & Hobby (CHA) Trade Show!

Ok.  Almost live.  Ok fine....I WAS live at the CHA Creativation show but the show was actually about 2 weeks ago.  I can now report that I have survived all the prep, travel, lack of sleep and over-the-top mind boggling creative energy! And I'm ready to blog about it!

Taking a class at CHA show last year...
Blog about WHAT?  Big deal Gail went to a craft "show" of some sort? Um....no. Let me explain....

For those of you who may not know, I am a professional designer in the Craft & Hobby industry (affectionately referred to as CHA) And after months of prep and hard work, we just had our annual international trade show.  So basically all the creative minds in the industry PLUS all the craft materials under one roof.  Can you even imagine how that would look...or feel?  Just think Michaels, Joann's, Hobby Lobby and all the independent yarn, scrapbook, stamp and general craft stores across the world plus all the vendors in temporary spaces at events like Scrapbook Expo and Rubber Stamp conventions.....place them inside one building....all together...with classes, demos, make-n-takes and sample displays basically everywhere....and you now have a clearer image.

Trust me, it takes a while to unwind and catch up on sleep. Hence, why I am blogging 2 weeks afterwards.

Between meetings and my teaching classes, I am always SO insanely busy at the show, I usually forget to take photos of booths and all the wildly creative samples and products that surround me. And this year was no different. However, I DO remember to take a photo here and there of friends or celebrity moments....like this one with David Tutera....

or moments at an industry event with my designer peers Julie McGuffee and Cathy Filian.....

I will post more photos and insight in the next few days...and, hopefully share photos taken by those who remember to snap away as they experience the creative surroundings!

Stay tuned!