Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Congratulations...It's a BOOK!

"Teens and Animals: The Ultimate Teen Guide" is now officially released. Here's a synopsis about what's inside the covers:

(From the publisher, Scarecrow Press/Rowman & Littlefield)
Animals and Teens: The Ultimate Teen Guide illustrates multiple ways young people can become involved with animals, from providing foster care and pursuing animal-related career opportunities to simply caring for pets at home. It also features teens that have worked with a variety of animals or participated in animal-related activities, therapeutic programs and shelters as volunteers and interns, as well as discussions about a wide range of topics that include how animals grieve, “Reading with Dogs” program, equine and dolphin therapy, and how the internet is being used to help stop animal abuse.

All teens need friends they can trust but teens live in an imperfect world where people judge each other on looks, popularity, bank accounts, or clothing styles; a world where people are not always treated fairly. Animals, however, do not care about poor test scores or bad skin: they simply love unconditionally. And that is what makes the animal-human bond so special. “The bond between people and their companion animals is incredible. It is a complex attachment involving friendship, affection, companionship, trust and a sense of being needed, basically filling all the emotional needs all humans instinctively have and must have met in order to be truly happy.”

From small mammals, reptiles and birds to cats, dogs and horses, Animals and Teens uses real-life examples to show how animals can enhance teens’ lives and how teens can improve the welfare of abused, neglected or injured animals as well as those that live in shelters, refuges and wildlife preserves. The voices in this inspiring book come from a large cross section of teens and young adults whose stories will resonate with anyone who loves animals.

Author Gail Green discusses everything from basic pet responsibility and dealing with the loss of a pet to how animals help humans and what is involved in the handling of service animals, such as dogs that provide physical assistance or horses that help with therapy for children with autism and other conditions. From helping with animal rescue to overcoming learning disabilities, these heartwarming experiences demonstrate how each of us can make a difference through the incredibly rewarding human-animal bond.

More info soon......