Thursday, January 8, 2009

And now.....for the Book Launch Announcement!

Hear thee, hear thee! My LONG awaited YA non-fiction book "Animals and Teens: The Ultimate Teen Guide" (Scarecrow Press) is expected in February 2009! Yippee! This is an AWESOME topic and an equally AWESOME book (okay, I'm a little prejudiced but my book truly IS an awesome piece of work) that is all about the incredible bond humans (specially teens and young adults) have with animals and how that bond can change lives. Literally. The book is FILLED with incredible real-life stories about teens who have had service dogs, volunteered at animal shelters, rescues and refuges, been involved with animal assisted therapy, including dolphin and equine therapy, and who are delighted to share their love for animals with all the teens and adults who read this book. AND it is filled with some of my illustrations.

Check out the book on the publisher's website at^DB/CATALOG.db&eqSKUdata=0810857693

New Year, New Beginnings...and a LONG awaited Book Launch!

Whew...glad the holidays are finally done and the pounds gained can now be melted off. Can you believe SEVEN holiday parties in just 2.5 weeks?! AND...all parties with too much high calorie foods that I NEVER eat and no veggies ("boo, hiss" says the rabbit inside of me).

I miss summer. The evening power walks....the weekend forest preserve hikes...and not needing a coat, boots, scarves, hats or gloves. The weather here in Chicago has been way too wintry for my taste! Cold, ice, snow, wind...each day a different combination. And none of them resembling walking weather! Each time I spot some poor brave souls out walking their dogs in the dark and cold, I just shake my head and think how nuts that is. But I also really empathise with them. Not only can they not stand not being out walking, they love their dogs so very much they'll risk slipping on the icey sidewalks, chapped skin and windburned cheeks just to make their pets happy! I know. I took Shady for a quick walk around the long block tonight...over icey the dark...until my face hurt from the biting wind and we agreed to return home.

So we shall continue to brave the winter....and whatever weather we are handed. Eventually, the sun will rise in the early am and all the obnoxious slight sensitive robins will return to wake me at 2 am, screaming in their excitement, totally fooled that the street lights are the rising sun...and we shall be able to walk outside comfortably once again. It's winter until the swans return.