Monday, July 8, 2013

It has been a LOOONG time since I've posted on my blog because  I've been too busy posting on Facebook.  I guess Facebook is just SO easy and quick, it made the blogging seem more natural and less like work.  But.... I promise I'll try to get back up to speed with my blogs!

A hot topic going around one of my artist groups is studio space and the isolation that can impact those of us who work long hours alone in home based studios or other work settings.  Since I'm never actually ALONE alone with dogs and birds (and a husband who is  either leaving or coming back from training a client's dog), I don't feel the isolation as much.  Except in winter when it is icy and cold out...and the world is colorless.  That's the time I wish I had more social work related outlets.

But....since it is now summertime and, not only do I get out daily, the world is once again awash in the colors of nature that I love so much...there is just SO much green outside it is very energizing and spiritually uplifting!