Friday, November 11, 2016

Interesting how I don't post much in summer because I just don't want to lose any of that precious time outside. But, the moment it starts to feel and smell like fall, I return to my regularly scheduled blogging.

So this post will be more of a social experiment than the usual sharing photos, events and updates in the lives surrounding the Green Family Craft Zoo. Mainly because this week has had drop dead gorgeous fall weather which we all know will soon come to a screeching halt, slowdown and then....end in the world again turning colorless in shades of white, black and grey.

And so I ponder, as I look outside and marvel at the brilliance of autumn...the psychedelic trees and all the orange, red, brown and yellow leaves scattered over all the beautiful green grass. Fall is one of my most productive seasons to create art because I am surrounded by color on my walks and I am inspired by the color palette when I return.  Which is why I am always sad to see the color slowly fade and disappear.

 Do we really say goodbye to summer and fall with the turning of a calendar page or the changing of the clocks? Or can we hold on to it in our hearts and experiences? In my case, I hold onto summer in my still healing broken toe...but also in the videos and photos that capture the sights, smells and sounds of nature (OH SO MUCH GREEN all around me!) and outdoor festivals, events and fun times.