Sunday, November 6, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Summer...

The summer of 2016 has been a relatively peaceful one in the Green Family Craft Zoo.  Lacy Lulu has settled down and has become a delightful dog instead of a crazy psycho puppy.

Tux is still holding his own at 14.5 years old, although he is pretty much deaf now and only responds to sight commands. Thankfully he can still see pretty well! (And this, folks, is why it is crucial to teach hand signals simultaneously with the commands to sit, come, stay, etc!!!)

And Maggie...well, Miss Maggie still barks too much but she is also aging gracefully.

Actually Miss Maggie gave us quite the scare this summer.  An undetected insect bite sent us to the emergency vet with her. That was QUITE an infection!  She wore that soft cone of shame for weeks! And, the fur still hasn't completely grown back.  She currently looks like an ad for Target!


Summer has been good.  Bittersweet, though, to see it turn cooler and days getting shorter.  I wish I could just hold on to summer....make it last longer.  But, I can't.  So I will remain hopeful that the next several months will be kind to us in Chicagoland and spring will arrive at the expected time.

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