Monday, September 7, 2015

Celebrating Labor Day in Style....working....

Hope your Labor Day weekend was a great one!  IMHO, it doesn't matter what you do as much as doing what you enjoy.  And, since I love crafting, creative play AND meeting publishing deadlines, it is always a good day when I can say I'm almost ready to turn in a manuscript (complete with cropped/adjusted photos)...on time.

Besides, the holiday began with vertigo.  Yep, vertigo, my favorite debilitating condition that renders sleep or movement impossible.  Plus it was too hot this weekend to want to be involved with all the outdoor activities I would have enjoyed.  Sad I didn't get to the Renaissance Faire again this year but, frankly, the season is way too short and overlaps other summer commitments and extreme heat.  Too much traffic to drive into the city to see that stinkin" cute grandbaby and family.  Totally over-the-top decibel level at local festivals for a sound sensitive person like me.

So it was basically easier (and much cooler and quieter) to remain inside getting all inky as I progressed through the projects and then tackled the easy part--writing a feature article with full-on step by step instructions.

Fortunately the vertigo is currently under control so I actually slept the past two nights...two in a row...yay!  Our unseasonably hot temps will return to a more comfortable level in a day or so, making outdoor activities fun again.  Unfortunately, the Renaissance Faire is now officially ended so I will just have to hope again for next year.

Truth is, I don't really like celebrating the end of summer.  Ok, I said it. That is probably the real reason I hide away from even acknowledging this holiday.  Labor Day is symbolic for the end of summer and the anticipation of all that is coming in the form of cold, dry air,  snow,  ice and subzero temps that make outdoor activities uncomfortable and downright impossible.   So I pretended this weekend was just another hot summer weekend where I could stay indoors during the hot parts and create away. Tomorrow is back to routine...editing photos and turning an article in (happy dance!)....and being thankful I can choose to work or not work on a holiday weekend.  There are many who don't have those choices....

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