Thursday, September 17, 2015

And now it all begins....CHA prep is now officially underway!

As the calendar swiftly rolls out of summer and into fall, it signals the sweet anticipation of THE most incredible yearly event.  The BIG Craft and Hobby industry Mega show...a trade show (CHA) like no other with the most incredible creative forces on the planet gathered together under one roof.

I am a professional Designer in the industry and like most of my fellow designer members, look forward to this gathering with great excitement!  And, since I am also teaching TWO big workshops up to 50 people per workshop), I will also be up to my eyeballs getting ready!

Now is only the beginning of CHA show prep as I begin the arduous and detailed process of getting my workshop materials figured out and ordered.  They need to arrive early enough so I have ample time to prepare the kits and get everything on time. But, with a puppy here that still chews on items unattended within her reach, they can't get here too soon because I won't have adequate places to store them until I clear off from all the summer activities. as I get ready to add items to my ETSY shop   Whew...I'm always running out of surfaces and time.  Not sure why exactly, although I understand from other crafty friends, it seems to run in creative circles.

And, if you are in  holiday mood, feel free to visit my ETSY shop 
Lots of awesome pet items featuring my original Sweet PETatoes art!

On another note...another blog hop starts next week!  This time we feature Linnie Blooms and Faber-Castell products.  This should be a GREAT hop!  Stay tuned for more information via Facebook.....

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