Tuesday, August 18, 2015


After almost 4 months of nonstop PC computer, internet, modem,  and router problems...plus battery backup battery deciding to die in the midst of all of the program malfunctions, unexplained power blips and surges..and Acronis highjacking nightmares, I am now the proud owner of a sleek new iMac.  Okay, the modem and routers are still being affected periodically by Comcast pushing new ISP numbers through weekly and causing signal malfunctions but at least I know how to correct them now. And weekly power blips and surges are still a mystery (at least,according to Com Ed, despite special town hall meetings with dozens of angry users).  Battery has been replaced and we are still trying to completely resolve the Acronis issues but....

I have a pretty new iMac.  And I'm learning this new platform as quickly as my ole brain allows.  Also as quickly as I can in the time restraints I have to deal with since I STILL spend some time almost daily with random internet, modem, power blips, etc.  At least I am no longer spending ALL my time dealing with these issues.

My biggest fear was that my PC wouldn't cooperate long enough to allow the Apple tech to transfer data to the new iMac.  In fact, it totally malfunctioned 20 minutes after I got the call that the new computer had arrived at the Apple Store and they were ready for me to bring in the PC. My plan to bring it in that evening fizzled when the PC froze (yet again) when I tried to shut it down.  By the time I did the hard shut down, rebooted to make sure it still functioned and hadn't just totally crashed and then shut down again, it was too late.  The theme of the entire summer....spending ALL my time dealing with a tantrum throwing, misbehaving computer.  And so I loaded the PC in my car in the morning, took one look at it and told it  to BEHAVE!  And realized yes, now I'm speaking to my computer because it has been behaving like a total BRAT!

And that is how Brat got its name.  Very fitting, eh?

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