Monday, May 25, 2015

Blog Hopping

And now for some FUN...combining texture and sparkle with awesome products from Stampendous and Linnie Blooms!

Linnie Blooms and Stampendous have paired up for a BLOG HOP this week!

Since I'm part of the Linnie Blooms Design Team, I came up with a pretty cool project that combines products from both companies.  Stampendous is all about stamping...Linnie Blooms is all about canvas.  Add in a few extra coloring products (Pan Pastels from Colorfin, ink from Clearsnap),and embellishment from Toner Plastic (Fun Wire)....glue (Beacon Adhesives) to hold it all together....and here we have it.....

By Gail Green

Materials you will need:

Stampendous:      Fran’s Jumbo Handle
                               Fran’s Encrusted Jewel Kit (Purple)
                               Cling Rubber Stamps: Jumbo Grapes
                               Clear Stamps: Life Words

Linnie Blooms:     Canvas Fall Leaves
                               Shabby Trim (Green)

Clearsnap Holdings, Inc:
      Top Boss® Watermark Ink            
      Colorbox® Archival® Inkpad (Black)

Colorfin/Pan Pastel:          
                              Sofft Applicator Handle & Heads Set
                              Sofft Art Sponge
                              Artists Painting Pastels (Magenta Shade, Violet Extra Dark, Titanium White)

Beacon Adhesives:
     Gem-tac® Permanent Glue
                              Zip Dry® Paper Glue
                              Fabri-tac ® Permanent Adhesive

Toner Plastics:    22 Gauge Fun Wire (Icy Silver)

Cardstock:           10” x 6.5” black cardstock folded and scored to form a 5 x 6.5” card
                              4-1/4” x 6” black cardstock
                              Magenta cardstock scrap

Miscellaneous:    Heat Tool, scissors, pencil, small bowl (or other small container), green acrylic paint or tinted gesso (brand and color shade of your choice), non-stick mat


Mix glass glitter and embossing powder from the Encrusted Jewel Kit in small bowl, as desired.
Using Watermark Ink, stamp the grape cluster on the 4.25” x 6” black cardstock.
Sprinkle the embossing powder mixture onto the stamped image, shake off excess and heat.

Using the Sofft sponge and tool to apply and blend, apply Magenta and Violet Pastels onto the grape sections as shown.  Add and blend white for highlights, beginning with a very light application and build intensity as desired. Tip: Do not cover sections completely with Pastel.  Allow the black cardstock color to show through where the darkest shading/shadows should appear.
Add Magenta and Violet around the edges of the cardstock, blending in towards the grape image.

Sponge green acrylic paint or tinted gesso onto both sides of the canvas leaves of your choice.  When almost dry, pinch and shape the leaves. Dry completely on a non-stick mat. 

Using Sofft Tool, add Violet pastel around the leaf edges and in center of leaf to define veins. 
Optional: Carefully add Gemtac along leaf edges. Sprinkle glass glitter from the Frantage Encrusted Jewel Kit onto the wet glue; dry.

Stamp phrase in black on magenta cardstock scrap.  Hand tear around the phrase. 

 Add Violet Pastel around edges with Sofft Tool

Cut a 15” section of Fun Wire. Wind around a pencil; remove.  Gently pull and shape, twisting and curling to look like a realistic tendril.

Attach stamped cardstock onto card with Zip Dry. Position the remaining layers onto card, as shown. When pleased with the arrangement, attach leaves and curled wire with Gem-tac. Attach phrase with Zip Dry.  Dry completely.

Cut 4” strip of Shabby Trim.  Apply Fabri-Tac and roll loosely between fingers, curving and shaping as you roll; dry. Attach over the wire with Gemtac; dry. 

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What a great way to start off a blog hop -- Memorial Day!

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Judy said...

Very pretty project. Thanks for sharing with us.

Liz Lumsden said...

Love the colors, my fave! I never though of using pan pastels on fabric, thanks for the tip!

mayoori jain said...

its really cool project Gail. loved it.

Stampendous said...

Oh, those are some delicious looking grapes! Absolutely love your mix of embossing powder and glass glitter from the kit and your coloring is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing today in the hop!

Ann Strecko Koeman said...

Wow Gail! Some very neat techniques here that I will try now. :)

D.Ann said...

What a grape idea! (couldn't help the pun) Love the 3d leaves and tendrils!!

Gina Furman said...

Very unique! Love all of the different techniques you used! The embossing powder mix is perfect for the grapes.

Linda Barutha said...

Beautiful project Gail! I would never think to make those grapes look so good!!

Pam Hornschu said...

How clever mixing the glass glitter with the embossing powder. Beautiful project!

BurningRubber said...

This is so stunning!I have never seen these looking so delicious before.

Gail Green said...

Glad you like the project...It was fun to create! I come from a strong stamping background so incorporating lots of techniques was a natural for me... Subscribe to my blog for more projects and techniques in the near future....

Katie said...

Love the fabric leaves and ribbon vine! Great ideas! I have some of your IO stamps too...if this is 'that' Gail Green! :) Thanks for sharing.

Katie B.

Lyn Bernatovich said...

Love the project and reading about mixing glass glitter with embossing powder. Beautiful result!

CrisyNoe said...

Beautiful project Gail!! Love your embossing tecnique!! Hugs xxx

Karen said...

Great tutorial. Lovely shading on those grapes. Thanks

barbara macaskill said...

WOnderful!!! LOVE these luscious grapes!! So glad for the tutorial!! I just got some Panpastels and wasn't sure how to use them!! Now I have an idea!!! TFS!

cghundley said...

How cool your card
came out! Love the
techniques your used.
Carla from Utah

Janis said...

AWESOME!! Love the smoky look with this done on black cardstock. It makes your grapes just glow!!! Beautiful use of the encrusted jewels product for the stamped outline. Wonderful work!!!
<3 J

jwoolbright at gmail dot com

Mary Holshouser said...

the grapes are beautiful. the shading gives them a lot of depth.
The leaves are so pretty.
Great project.
thanks for sharing.

Sue D said...

Fabulous. I like the canvas leaves and the use of glass glitter.
Sue in Ohio

Gail Green said...

Katie B. Yes, I am "that" Gail Green. Glad you are having fun with my stamps from IO!
I'm also the Gail Green who wrote the book "The Ultimate Rubber Stamping Technique Book"....and also write feature articles and a column for Scrap & Stamp Arts magazine.

McStamper said...

What a beautiful card. Love your inquest ideas.

Cindy Groh said...

Fabulous card. Thanks for the step by step.

Jean said...

Wow- I love this! The leaves are just perfect!