Wednesday, July 1, 2009

First Stop-ALA Conference!

What a shock to turn the calendar page to.....JULY! This month promises to be jam-packed with w-a-a-a-y more than one month can hold. Here's a sneak peak ahead:

The huge annual ALA (American Library Association) Conference runs July 11-13 at McCormick Place, Chicago. I've never attended this show so I will be experiencing it for the first time. Unlike the trade shows I'm accustomed to attending or exhibiting in, this show is similar to a consumer show except the attending "consumers" must be professionally affiliated with a library or educational institution. Attendees can also purchase books on the spot without having to purchase quantities--something not done at most "wholesale only" trade shows.

In addition to walking the show with fellow SCBWI members, I'm also scheduled to sign books and speak about my school presentations, programs and workshops at the SCBWI booth on Sunday, July 12 from 3-5 pm. This week I've been getting all my promo materials and hand-crafted bookmarks created. I definitely do not want to go into this show tired or stressed! The days will be fun, but very long and tiring. I need to remain high energy and full of enthusiasm throughout the show, but especially during my 2 hour time slot at the SCBWI booth.

NEXT....Orlando! The CHA summer show has been moved to Orlando this year. And, this year, I'll be demoing and doing make 'n take projects for Tombow. If you are going to be at the CHA show, please stop by booth 335 to learn all kinds of marker blending techniques and tips using the absolutely, fantastic Tombow markers. Unlike others on the market, these markers have no odor and are perfect for people like me who are chemically sensitive. I have just LOVED using these markers for many years! And these markers LAST forever. I've had other brands wear out or dry out within months but my Tombow markers not only have lasted for years, many of my pens are still perfect after over 15 years! These markers feature both a brush and bullet tip so you can color both small and large areas equally well. Perfect for rubber stamping and other paper crafts, as well as creating faux watercolor looks.

On a more personal note, our baby cockatiel is already 5 months old. That's still a little baby for these birds, however, since they can live to be 25 years or more. Not only is he quickly learning whistles and short melodies ( I SO want him to learn every Sugarland and Toby Keith song...), he's already beginning to form word sounds and phrases. That's incredible for a bird this young since most cockatiels don't begin talking until they are at least a year old. Hmmmm...looks like we've got ourselves a BORDER COLLIE cockatiel! Sure fits right in with out Border Collie pack....

Until next time....happy 4rth of July to everyone! Stay safe! We'll be hanging out in the basement trying to disguise the fireworks and explosions by playing movies until our sound sensitive Border Collies can turn back into their normal crazy selves instead of velcro dogs.

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