Thursday, July 16, 2009

Back from stop CHA in ORLANDO!

I'm finally rested up from the grueling weekend at ALA. Walking the show and networking with fellow SCBWI members and publishers was awesome, but it was exhausting when combined with a daily 5 hour commute. And, of course, this was a whole different audience than what I am used to at trade shows. I only saw librarians and related personnel instead of retail buyers. It was definitely a learning curve to absorb it all.

The Sunday afternoon book signing at the SCBWI booth was a bit disappointing since there was little traffic that late in the day and the author table was set so far back from the aisle it was difficult to engage anyone who walked by. But it was still pretty awesome to have librarians coming up to me while I was walking around and comment when they saw the author ribbon on my badge!

My hat got many, many comments, too. This is the second show where people have asked me where they can buy a hat like the one I was wearing, complete with all the pins showcasing my illustrations. I'm wondering if I should start manufacturing decorated hats......

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