Monday, March 2, 2015

Creative Crafty Friends Make Winter Warm!

I've been a VERY busy creative the last few weeks! First came CHA SHOW in January with all the prep, teaching and follow up from a zillion meetings. (Plus a nice break in warm southern Cali as a bonus!) Working on projects for magazine articles, new art collections for licensing and bring part of the Linnie Blooms Design team has been more recently filling up my long and socially isolated winter days.

BUT..what has really filled me with energy has been chatting daily with so many of my creative peeps!

For people living in warm climates or who managed to escape to warm climates for winter, the past few months have been normal.  For the rest of us, however, they have been exhausting. Winter is so isolating. And it runs way too long.

Okay, the first snowfall or two may look all sparkly and magical...and add delightful ambience to seasonal holiday decorations and themes...but by the umpteenth storm warning, travel nightmare/flight cancellation or emergency rations run, snow totally loses its appeal.  At least for me it does. 

I haven't  gone for a walk outside for weeks.  No wait, make that months since the only place to walk would be in the street. For someone who normally walks daily, it's been an eternity. The dogs all feel the same way. The Arctic air mass has made it even harder to deal with. While I love to show off a cute new warm, snuggly sweater and finally get to wear my boots without stinky sweaty feet, subzero temps and Arctic air is just plain painful to breathe in anymore! Even if the sidewalks were clear, I just can't take the frozen air.

I'm SO ready for spring. Not ready for the allergies that accompany trees waking up and going a little wild in the pollen making department perhaps, but definitely ready for the dirty, crusty, condensed snow to melt and clean, non-slippery sidewalks to magically reappear!

From the dozens of conversations sparking back and forth on social media, it seems all my cold climate creative peeps feel pretty much the same. We are all ready to breathe in fresh air that doesn't burn our lungs and enjoy the outdoors once again with other people.  Yes! I cannot WAIT to emerge from this long isolation. Can't wait until the swans return.

But the one thing that has truly helped me make it through such a long and frigid season has been you, my creative friends.  Your funny jokes and comments on FB....those hour-long one-on-one chats on Messenger...surprise texts and emails...and lively group discussions...  This is what has made a very depressing few weeks inspiring ones instead! You all keep me creatively inspired and always ready to craft or draw or experiment with new products and techniques. And for that, I thank each one of you. I sincerely hope I brightened up at least one hour for every one of you! 

Looking forward now to a great year with you creative friends... 


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Jacqueline Gikow said...

Even though we don't chat that often, I always love touching base with you. ;-)