Friday, November 20, 2009

Read about me on the front page of !

If you have ever wondered what inspired me to create the Sweet PETatoes line or develop the rendering technique and style, all is revealed in a story featured on , a blog developed by TV Host and best selling author, Kathy Peterson. This Lifetime series TV host asked me to submit my story about when, how and why creativity is the most essential ingredient in my I'm shouting it out! Just go to and read all about how Sweet PETatoes came to life...and how they came straight from my heart.


Lori Degman said...

Great article Gail! Sorry about your diagnosis - I hope you're doing well!

Love the Sweet PETatoes :-)

lois von fricke said...

I read your piece about your mother with tears in my eyes. I store images in my memory bank and can appreciate how hard that must have been for you . Your creative energies were put to good use in the healing process.

Gail Green said...

Thanks for your heartfelt comments! Yes, I'm doing fine and yes, it was difficult watching the physical changes. The stress level has recently risen again with my dad's continual health issues. His decline is also very visual because he has Parkinson's. And yes, I am sure I'll turn again to art and crafting to help me get through it. Have a happy holiday to all of you!